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Sometimes it can be a daunting choice to select the best exporter in auto exporting jungle of Thailand. There are many new companies emerged recently who claim to be the best or largest but they are the ones who one should avoid at all costs, since they mostly are in for a quick buck and disappear with your hard earned cash. We thus would advise you to be very cautious in selecting an export company. You should first seek references/recommendations with your friends first, if they have import Toyota Hilux Vigo or any other pickup from Thailand, and if none of them has ever imported, then you should only do business with an exporter who can provide business references in your country or in your area. Then you should call and check with the references that whether they were satisfied with the service received from the exporter. We at Mark Motors Thailand, are humbled to have satisfied customers in many countries and we are glad that yo will have someone nearby who imported from us and who could confirm our integrity and excellent service rendered. So thats why we are sure that we will be a better choice than others and our goal is to become (if not already) the best automotive exporter of Thailand

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