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It was a nice Spring day in Bangkok. Three senior executives at a leading Thailand-based auto exporter – Jim, Sam and Mike met for lunch. Jim had been thinking about creating a company that would take the best from each company in the business but without their weaknesses. He wanted a company that would be customer-centric from get go and will have the flexibility of a startup to be immediately responsive to the customer. The meeting ended inconclusively. Jim kept at it and the trio kept meeting and hashing their ideas until they had a business plan they all felt comfortable with. It took another five months for finances and paperwork to come together. Mark Motors Thailand opened its doors in 2002 and as they say, the rest is history. We realized the importance of honesty, professionalism, customer service, quality, price and quick delivery and bent over backwards to serve our customers. It was a struggle at first and it took us five weeks to get our first customer but once we had served him to the best of our ability he became our repeat customer and as word of mouth spread, others soon followed.

Our founder Jim Quraishi has over two decades of senior management experience and it is his vision and persistence that has made Mark Motors a name to reckon with. He set a goal of not only exceeding customers’ expectations but shifting them to a higher level of functioning and this has allowed us to establish partnerships for mutual success in all corners of the world.

Our CEO Mike has a wealth of experience working with leading automotive exporters in Thailand. He is in charge of the day to day operations of the company. Mike’s main focus is customer satisfaction. He emphasizes and believes in his statement, “Everything we do is designed to take care of the customer.

Our Principal Partner SVP Sam has decades of experience in hand picking top quality pre-owned vehicles. He is the secret why Mark pre-owned vehicles are of topmost quality. He is also in charge of our Accessories Manufacturing Facility and ensures that Mark branded accessories are of topmost quality. Rick enjoys helping customers “make the right decision as to their vehicle needs, wants and what fits their current lifestyle.”

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