Interior Accessories

Toyota Hilux Vigo and other Pickup Accessories

3.1 Barrier Gates and Dividers
  • 3.1.1 Cargo Partitions
  • 3.1.2 Pet Barriers
3.2 Floor Mats & Liners

cargo-liner3.2.1 Cargo Liners

floor-guards3.2.2 Floor Guards

floor-mats3.2.3 Floormats

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3.2.1 Cargo Liner

All-weather, carpeted, deep wells, nearly invisible or thick protective rubber, we have a custom-fit or semi-custom Cargo Liner or Trunk Liner that’s just right. When you have a liner in there and something spills, in most cases, it’s just a matter of lifting it out and brushing or hosing it off. Without that liner, it’s an entirely different story. All-weather, carpeted, deep wells, nearly invisible or thick protective rubber, we have a custom-fit or semi-custom cargo liner or trunk liner that’s just right. We’re the place to find a perfect fit-Mark has cargo and trunk liners that are ideal for every vehicle and budget. Choose from custom cargo liners and semi-custom fit products for every make, model and year in our range. Our wide range of colors and materials ensure you’ll find just the liner you had in mind.

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3.2.3 Floor Mats

How often do you hear about the new 4wd owner who will never take their vehicle out on the beach or into the bush because of the drama in cleaning the interior afterwards? Our range of floormats to suit most outdoor lifestyles, eliminates one of the biggest negatives 4WD owners have about taking their vehicle on the beach or into the wilderness.

From hunters to Soccer Moms and everyone in between – nobody likes dirty feet in their vehicle. All-weather, carpeted, deep wells, nearly invisible or thick protective rubber, we have a custom-fit or semi-custom mat to protect your floors. With so many different floor mats and liners, you might think it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. Thankfully, Mark has taken care of the dirty work. We’ve categorized and classified them, so picking the right type of floor protection is straight-forward and almost fun. Choose from All-weather floor mats and liners that hose off, plush carpeted car mats with luxurious pile, deep wells that catch anything your feet drag in, invisible floor mats that let your factory interior show through, or low-profile floor mats for a minimalist look. For most of our floor mats and floor liners, we have all of your seats and seating rows protected.

Protect the interior of your 4WD against the elements with our selection of quality floor mats, dash mats, cargo mats and floor liners. Not only will your 4×4 interior stay cleaner in the long run, but you may also improve its resale value. From off-road enthusiasts to everyday drivers – nobody likes dirty feet in their vehicle. We have moulded or standard mats made from carpet or rubber with deeps wells to protect your 4wd floors. Choose from genuine manufacturer made moulded floor mats that will take anything you drop on them wet or dry or buy quality third party floor mats that are just as good as the original thing. Choose from high quality moulded carpeted floor mats with deep wells that catch all the dirt and sand your feet drag in, or heavy duty rubber floor mats to hold up all the dirt. Of course we also have your cargo area covered with moulded floormats designed to withstand the everyday use and abuse that gets thrown at the cargo space. Throughout the range of our floor mats & cargo mats we have all of your 4wd carpet protected.

all-weather-floor-matAll-weather Floormats
For year round protection from mud, moisture and muck, cover your carpets with our all-weather floor mats. These easy to clean all weather floor mats are both semi-custom and custom-designed for a sure fit. And, all-weather floor mats come in many colors.

carpet-floor-matDress your floorboards with our carpet floor mats for stylish protection. From dirty shoes to harmful foot friction, carpet floor mats guard against common carpet foes. Our custom-tailored carpet floor mats come in many colors and can be embroidered.

auto-carpetBring your interior back to life with the comfort and sharp looks of new carpet. Our auto carpet kits have showroom-quality colors with a factory-style fit and feel. It’s more than new auto carpet-it’s like having your new vehicle back.

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3.3 Interior Lighting

lighting-products3.3.1 Lighting Products

safety-lights3.3.2 Safety Lights

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3.4 Sunshields and Visors

windsheild-visors3.4.1 Windshield Visors

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3.5 Alarms & Security

alarms3.5.1 Alarms

lock-guard3.5.2 Lock Guards

security-devices3.5.3 Security Devices

sirens3.5.4 Sirens

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3.6 Clocks and Compasses

roll-pitch-meters3.6.1 Roll and Pitch Meters

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3.7 Portable Fridges

Keep your drinks cold and your food fresh. When you’re out and about there’s nothing like a portable fridge to help you enjoy your time away.

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3.8 Car Fresheners

We offer a broad range of long lasting car air fresheners. You can choose either discrete or funky air freshener but they all do their job. Our ranger of air fresheners are fun and long lasting and a fraction of what they would cost in your country. Our top of the range brand name freshener have stunning and stylish designs with a variety of unique fragrances to suit your every mood.

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3.9 4WD Communications

Communication is an essential part of four wheel driving in groups. Standard club practice these days is for everyone travelling on a trip to have either a vehicle mounted or handheld UHF radio. We can offer you a range of communications tools. GPS is big these days, we may not have the directions to your particular city but we can certainly offer you the compatible GPS hardware.

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3.10 Instrument Panel Gauge Faces

gauge-faces.gifGauge faces offer a lift to your plain vanilla instrument panel and turn it into something extraordinary. Our custom gauge faces lay over your originals with bright color or gleaming steel shine. These complete gauge face kits are the ideal jolt for your interior, brightening right down to the needles.

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3.11 Rear View Mirror

Dress out your auto’s cockpit with the right rear view mirror for greater safety, less eye strain, and sharp looks. Whether you need to replace damaged mirrors or upgrade with electronic reverse view sensor display or better yet reverse view camera, Mark’s has you covered. Our highways and byways are crawling with crazy drivers, and it’s up to us to defend our vehicles from these lunatic motorists. That’s why it’s essential to have your vehicle equipped with all the right rear view mirrors. That way, you can keep a close eye on the guy at your flank who’s had his left-turn signal on for the past 20 miles, or that lady who keeps closing her eyes to hit the high notes during her Shania Twain sing-a-long. Now, the one interior mirror that you absolutely need is a rear view mirror. Rear view mirrors especially those equipped with sensors or cameras are essential in streets and parking lots where these cameras save lives and money by preventing damage to your vehicle.

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3.12.1 Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great idea, whether your seats are in tip-top shape or showing a little wear. Regular use takes its toll after a while, and then there’s direct sunlight, food and drink spills, kids and pets. Not only can seat covers protect your investment, they can also look good. Choose from custom fit seat covers designed to suit your seats perfectly in a range of colors.Choose from tailored custom-fit seat covers, form-fitting semi-custom or economical universal-fit seat covers in a wide range of factory and custom colors. Even with regular use, your seats can take a serious beating. Sliding in and out wears the upholstery. Trips back from the gym can leave behind more than just an impression of your muscles. Add to that, direct sunlight, food and beverage accidents and don’t forget the havoc kids and pets can wreak. It’s almost too much bear. Not so, thanks to seat covers. Mark has seat covers to protect your seats and suit your lifestyle. Choose from durable seat cover materials, like waterproof neoprene, stain-resistant polyester/cotton and luxurious velour. Cuts like tailor-fit, semi-custom or universal give you plenty of budget options to keep your seats looking great.

custom-seat-covers2.gifCustom Seat Cover
Safeguard your interior from stains, spills and rips with a set of custom seat covers. From luxurious sheepskin to water-proof neoprene, our premium custom seat covers are tailored from a wide range of fabrics. Plus, custom seat covers fit like a glove.

universal-seat-cover2.gifUniversal Seat Cover
Spills and stains don’t stand a chance against our universal seat covers. Universal seat covers come in a host of fabrics. For intense protection that won’t break the bank, get a set of universal seat covers today.

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3.12.2 Steering Wheel Covers

wheel-skins.gifDress your helm to match or accent your interior with our high-quality steering wheel covers. Crafted from the finest, most rugged materials, our steering wheel covers come in many stylish finishes. Our steering wheel covers fit your wheel to a T.

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