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Toyota Hilux Vigo and other Pickup Accessories

Mark Motors is not just Thailand’s largest exporter of vehicles and accessories but also Thailand’s largest wholesale exporter of original manufacturer, OEM and performance parts. Please click here to see some of the performance parts we export.

Dual Battery Systems

A dual battery system makes a handy addition to any 4×4 where a winch, fridge/freezer, or auxiliary lights are installed, or you wish to charge up all your electronic gear whilst on the road. The dual battery system allows for a second battery to be hooked up to the main, preserving it for starting duties. Benefits of a Dual Battery System Running extra lights, camping fridges, inverters, winches, in-car entertainment systems and other electronic gear consumes a lot of power that is required to keep your engine running and battery charged. Using a dual battery system you can utilise the power of a second battery for powering all of your auxiliary items leaving your main battery for powering your 4wd. Running your 4wd & auxiliary items without adequate power can run the risk of damaging the electronics of your 4wd and electronic gear. A dual battery system correctly installed will allow the main battery to keep its charge. If it goes flat for any reason there is generally a manual overide of the direction of charge with the secondary battery so that it can be used to ‘jump start’ the first one, getting you back on your way without the hassles of jump starting your 4wd with another vehicle. Dual battery systems generally come with a priority charging system, meaning that your main battery will always be charged in priority to the auxiliary battery, ensuring there is enough charge to start your 4wd. Running fridges/freezers that continually use power from an auxiliary utilising low power automatic cut off will also give you the same benefits leaving your main battery charged.

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4WD Performance Chips

Engine management computers, performance chips, ECU upgrades, modules – whatever you want to call them, you’ll find them at 4×4 Store. Why buy a Performance Chip? The majority of modern 4WD’s have built-in computers that control a number of functions such as air to fuel ratio and ignition timing. Factory settings are pre-programmed and cater to the average driver, however beyond these preset limitations is performance just waiting to be unleashed. The good news for those that want extra horsepower and torque is that a performance chip can unlock your 4WD’s potential. A performance chip can provide substantial horsepower and torque gains across the rev range which is great for towing, faster off-the-line acceleration and that extra grunt that’s always useful for passing. Depending on your driving style, performance chips may also provide greater engine efficiency which can keep your fuel bills down even with the extra grunt.

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Other Performance Boosters

We have a range of performance boosting products. Improve your brake, driveline and diff locks and intercoolers.

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Diesel Turbo Kits and Intercoolers

Many of us choose a diesel 4WD on the basis of reliability, economy, and longevity. The only disadvantage is that diesels have traditionally been low on power. This can be frustrating when towing, overtaking, climbing hills and tackling certain obstacles off-road. Turbo charging your diesel 4WD can change this. Adding a turbo to your diesel engine increases the amount of air delivered. By increasing the volume of air in the engine, more oxygen is available to complete the combustion process, which increases horsepower and can also decrease exhaust emissions. In fact substantial gains of up to 35% can be made by adding a turbo kit. In addition to adding a turbo kit, fitting a larger exhaust can help discharge exhaust gases faster, and allow the turbo to boost up quicker.

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4WD Suspension

Mark Motors carries a huge range of suspension available to suit most makes and models of 4WD. Whether you are chasing parts such as shock absorbers, bushes, trailing arms, coil or leaf springs, steering dampers, torsion bars or any other suspension component, we have you covered with quality brands. We also have a range of complete suspension kits to suit both on and off road handling, off road articulation, or a combination of both.

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